LB Counselling | Trauma Focused Therapy in the Lower Mainland

My Practice

My practice is tailored to work with individuals that have experienced and continue to experience trauma in their lives and want to have a safe place to process it and heal from it. My practice focuses on supporting individuals that are survivors of trauma, complex trauma, intergenerational trauma, survival, and somatic responses to trauma—which can include anxiety and low mood.

We will explore together how your body, your mind, and your spirit have adapted to cope with past and present traumas and challenges and helped you survive. We will also learn new healthy ways to cope while learning to create safety around you. In my practice, I will also shine a light on many of your strengths and the goodness that you carry within you and that have brought you to the place that you are today. 

While working with me, you will learn to identify and get a sense of what safety means and how to create this for yourself in your day-to-day life. Trauma can present itself in different ways throughout our lives. Many times, trauma is easily recognizable and an individual can identify the impact these events had on their life. There are other times where trauma is more difficult to recognize, due to ongoing exposure, or normalization of trauma in an individual’s life. Together, we will explore this while deconstructing the events that led you to encounter so much pain.  I will help you create your own narrative where you can find control of your own story as part of your healing journey. 

My guiding values


I strive to be genuine in every aspect of my life. In my own personal relationships, as well as my professional relationships. This value is extremely important in our working relationship. You will be able to sense the work that we do is genuine. If we are not able to establish a genuine connection, I invite you to find a counsellor where you can sense this, as this is imperative in the work that you would do together.


You will find Zero judgment from my end. Every question will be asked with curiosity and with the understanding that every action that you do is meeting a need or has been developed as a survival mechanism. I will remain curious as long as we work together.